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CoolPixel is your brand building specialist for a better business. From strategy to design and everything in between, maximizing business impact and customer satisfaction begins with CoolPixel.

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Our comprehensive range of business solutions is your Swiss Army Knife for a better brand.

Web Development

The technological foundation for your home on the web, custom crafted to realize the unique goals and vision of your business.

Website Design

Great website design hooks the customer with a stunning first impression and with superior usability lasting a lifetime.

Logo Design

The subtle art of crafting a stylish and memorable brand association for your brand in the form of a professionally designed graphic.

Brand Strategy

Navigating the complex business landscape requires a roadmap tailored to the unique opportunities of your brand and industry.

Website Review

A comprehensive analysis for your brand’s home on the web to gauge impact, identify shortcomings and to maximize your customer base.


Descriptive and persuasive prose tailored to the unique needs of your brand and to maximize your selling proposition.

Our Creative Method

Is Our Blueprint For Success

Our structured approach for brand building establishes a logical pathway for successful business growth.


A comprehensive analysis of your business and customer impact reveals new opportunities to maximize your brand with technology, marketing and social solutions.


Identifying the low-hanging fruit forms the basis for a strategic business roadmap of action items custom tailored for your business to maximize impact.


Strategic implementation is the structured approach for actualizing the business opportunites for your brand and realizing the benefits of your efforts.

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